January 2019 News Round-up

Round-up of William Golding in the news in January 2019!

The release of two Fyre Festival documentaries prompted a series of articles comparing the experience of festival-goers to Lord of the FliesSpin interviewed director of Fyre (Netflix), Chris Smith, while Forbes described Fyre as ‘really highlight[ing] the Lord of the Flies vibe’. We wrote about the reporting of the Fyre Festival and Lord of the Flies shortly after the ‘festival’ itself.

In the Guardian‘s Book Clinic, Lisa Appignanesi cited Lord of the Flies as an example of a book about group scenarios corrupting the individual, calling it a descent ‘into leadership battles and ultimate depravity’.

Madeleine Coyne credited Lord of the Flies for her interest in dystopian novels, in an article in Verily.

In addition, we published new articles on The Sea and Golding’s Sea Trilogy, and examined the 2005 TV adaptation, To the Ends of the Earth, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.



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