April 2018 News Round-up

Round-up of William Golding in the news in April 2018!

YA writer Chandra Prasad mentioned Lord of the Flies as one of her influences in an interview published in the Yale Daily News.

David Shariatmadari commented on Lord of the Flies in relation to the Robbers’ Cave Experiment in the Guardian, prompting this response from Judy Golding Carver.

Pop Sugar recommended Lord of the Flies to fans of The Hunger Games. See our post on Lord of the Flies and teen fiction for further thoughts on this.

The Economist calls Judy Golding’s piece on Golding and his mother in a new book ‘wonderful’. wrote about The Inheritors, and Golding’s uncanny ability to predict future scientific discoveries about the Neanderthal people.

In addition, we published articles on ‘Reading The Inheritors and a Golding talk at the Chalke Valley Festival.

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