Judy Golding in new book on Writers and their Mothers

Judy (Golding) Carver has written a chapter ‘William Golding’s Mother’, in a new collection entitled Writers and their Mothers, edited by by Dale Salwak. An edited version of Judy’s chapter is featured in the Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian describes the chapter as ‘wonderful’ and ‘vivid’.

Judy’s chapter describes her father’s early life, his complex relationship with his mother, and fascinatingly, her appearances in Golding’s novels. Judy tells us that Miss Granham in Rites of Passage, Fire Down Below and Close Quarters is a portrait of her grandmother, and details her influence on Arieka, Golding’s only female narrator, in The Double Tongue.  This is a beautiful piece of writing on the formative experiences of Golding, and a useful accompaniment to Judy’s memoir The Children of Lovers.

Writers and their Mothers, edited by Dale Salwak, is available now, published by Palgrave.

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