Valentine’s Day: Lord of the Flies

Quotation from Lord of the Flies: 'The true wise friend called Piggy.'

For Valentine’s Day, here are some Valentine messages from Lord of the Flies.

Quotation from Lord of the Flies: 'They looked at each other, baffled in love and hate.'









This quotation comes from Chapter Three, just as Ralph and Jack are starting to disagree about life on the island. They are both irritated by each other, but also full of admiration.

Quotation from Lord of the Flies: 'I just think you'll get back all right.'









Mysteriously, Simon tells Ralph that he thinks he’ll return home safely from the island. Ralph asks him how he knows but Simon is unable to explain.



Quotation from Lord of the Flies: 'The buzz from the hunters was one of admiration at this handsome behaviour.'









Of course, the hunters worship Jack and follow his orders without question. When he steals Piggy’s glasses, and lets the rescue fire go out, Ralph is furious. Jack begrudgingly apologises, and his hunters feel, ‘obscurely’, that Jack is in the right.

Quotation from Lord of the Flies: 'Ralph felt a kind of affectionate reverence for the conch.'









Ralph understands the importance of the conch as a symbol of democracy and order. He sees that it is just a shell he found on the island, but it means so much more. Its destruction marks the end of their attempt at civilisation.









This quotation comes from the final page of the book. Ralph is overwhelmed by all that has happened, and all he can think about is the love and support he had from Piggy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!