Liku is the youngest female member of the family group in The Inheritors. Although not explicitly stated, she is probably the daughter of Lok and Fa. We are first introduced to Liku on the opening page, where she laughs in delight while riding on Lok’s back. She always carries the little Oa, a root that is shaped like a pregnant woman, and it’s treated almost like a comfort blanket.

Liku is taken prisoner by the ‘new people’ and Lok and Fa race desperately to save her. They see that she is tied to a tree, and then beaten by a child, Tanakil, a member of the new people’s tribe, who had attempted to befriend Liku. Lok tries to rescue her when she disappears, but Fa watched the full horror of Liku’s fate: ‘her face was like the face of a sleeper who wrestles with a terrible dream…’