May 2019 News Round-up

Round-up of William Golding in the news in May 2019!

Netflix’s new show, The Society, prompted comparisons with Lord of the Flies from all areas. The Financial Times reminded us how shocking Golding’s novel was when first published, while the Metro called The Society ‘a kind of YA update of Lord Of The Flies‘. Sadie Gennis in the TV Guide wondered if The Society would have a Simon-like character, to represent the good in humanity.

Toby Faber’s Faber and Faber: The Untold Story of a Great Publishing House was published this month, featuring the story of the publication of Lord of the Flies. In Claire Harman’s review in the Evening Standard, she notes how Faber nearly lost Golding’s novel when it was initially rejected. Roger Cox writes that the book will ‘fascinate anyone with an interest in 20th century literature’ in The Scotsman.

In Crime Reads, Laura Elliot reveals her fascination with books based on islands, and writes that she ‘has never forgotten the power’ of Lord of the Flies.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Darkness Visible, we published a new article on reading this mysterious novel.

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