May 2018 News Round-up

Round-up of William Golding in the news in May 2018!

The Inheritors was included in the New York Times recommended books on Neanderthals and our early ancestors.

The Australian reports on Gina Perry’s book about the Robbers Cave experiment and its relationship with Lord of the Flies.

A new trailer was released for the upcoming television series Castle Rock, based on the work of Stephen King. King was inspired by Lord of the Flies to create the fictional place of Castle Rock.

P D Smith’s review of Perry’s The Lost Boys in the Guardian included an opening about Golding and Lord of the Flies.

In addition, we published an article on Benedict Cumberbatch’s narration of The Spire audiobook, and also examined the BBC programme, Neanderthals: Meet Your Ancestors in relation to The Inheritors.

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