Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel Prize for literature

Kazuo Ishiguro has just been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature. Like Golding, Ishiguro is a Faber and Faber author, and the twelfth author from the publisher to win the prize. Ishiguro has mentioned Golding in his interviews following this prestigious award, recalling Golding’s tale of events after being awarded the prize. In addition, James Wood, in The New Yorker wrote:

‘you can see how [Ishiguro’s] work shares similarities with another British laureate, William Golding: both writers have been drawn to allegory, and to historical fiction and fantastical exploration (Ishiguro’s most recent novel, The Buried Giant, is set in sixth- or seventh-century Britain; Golding’s The Inheritors is about a Neanderthal family).’

William Golding Ltd are delighted that Ishiguro has been awarded this honour.

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